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Bronx State Hospital

1963- Present

Bronx, New York


Bronx State Hospital opened in 1963 in Bronx, New York. The hospitals design was similar to the modern complex of Creedmoor and Manhattan Psychiatric Centers in later years. In 1969 the Bronx Children’s Hospital was added to the campus for children with behavioral issues. The complex had many amenities for its patients to enjoy including, a gym, theater, playgrounds, baseball fields, and Swimming pool to name a few. Patients came to Bronx State Hospital in two different ways, Voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary patients were free to come and go as they please, but involuntary patients were under provisions by the state’s Mental Hygiene Law and their psychiatrists. Around this time the hospital changed its named to the Bronx Psychiatric Center. Around the late 90s the state started to make budget cuts to the hospital and wanted to down size its massive hospital with deinstitutionalization of its patients. By the 2010s the state decided to construct a new and modern hospital and shutter the old out dated one from the 60s. The new hospitals design was to have more natural light, open settings and better air flow. A lot of these basic principles were implied by Thomas Kirkbride Kirkbride plan for mental health a 100 years earlier. In 2015 the new Adult Behavioral Health Center at the Bronx Psychiatric Center opened.


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