Taunton State Hospital

1854- Present

Taunton, Massachusetts


With severe over crowding from Massachusetts first mental hospital, the Legislature issued for another institution to be built to relieve pressure off of Worcester State Hospital. They settled on a city north of Boston called Taunton. Construction begin in 1852 and finished in 1854, making Taunton State Hospital the second State Hospital in Massachusetts. The campus was designed in a Georgian Neo-Classical style by Boyden & Ball who adopted the Kirkbride plan like its sister hospital Worcester. With increasing number of patients the facility over the years kept expanding. One of the most iconic features to the Kirkbride was it's two beautiful wooden breezeways connecting the main building to the infirmary building, which was added in 1890. They later added a juvenile facility, criss centers, sick wards and group homes by the 1930s. With changes in mental health care and budget cuts the Kirkbride closed in 1975 and was left to decay. In 2006 a large portion of the central building caught on fire leaving severe damage. In 2009 the rest of the Kirkbride was demolished. Sadly while the Kirkbride is no longer around many of the other buildings still remain. Taunton State Hospital is still open to this day.