This site is not only indented for historical value, but also my own growth as a photographer.


Insanectuary started in 2005 from a series of photograph collections of various abandoned state hospitals in Massachusetts I've taken over the years. Their beauty, size and history fascinated me to the point where it needed to be illuminated to an audience. I couldn’t fully understand why or how these architectural marvels with such a rich American history were left to decay. This important history was being erased right in front of my eyes and I wanted to document as much as I could before it was a memory. I believe it's imperative to document these buildings, and keep their history alive. Unfortunately the struggle to preserve and save these buildings are still being fought today. 

I also think there is something eerie, yet beautiful about decay. These structures were intended to keep nature out, but now I has creeped in and took over; it becomes something beautiful, unworldly and satiating. It's the death of humankind’s artistic imagination, while nature's willingness for life.  Each place has a different history, energy, personality and beauty to it.


My goal is to capture that in my photos and share them with you. The Work, Ideas, Energy, Architecture, and Love is what drives me. Hope you enjoy! 


Locations names with a * have been changed to keep their integrity, also some pages have passwords to keep information private. If you would like to access these pages please e-mail me with your inquiry.