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Plymouth County Hospital

1919- 1992

Hanson, Massachusetts


On May 31, 1919 Cranberry Specialty Hospital of Plymouth County opened its doors in Hanson, Massachusetts. It wasn’t designed like most buildings in Massachusetts, it had a Mediterranean RevivalIt architecture to it. The main building was in the middle while it had a wing on each side of the building. When Cranberry Hospital opened it served as a tuberculosis and sanatorium facility. It was equipped with a state of the art with modern heating system at the time and new treatments for children dealing with tuberculosis. With a growing number of patients at the facility in 1922 and annex building was built with a curved hallway to the new building. It included additional rooms, an auditorium, and wards. They also had a laboratory, kitchens, morgue and offices. The hospital changed from a tuberculosis hospital to a chronic care facility in 1965 under superintendent C. Clark Streeter. After 15 years of the hospital change in 1980s the hospital began to have finance problems as with admission. The old hospital was was slowly falling apart with no maintenance to fix the buildings issues. Like most hospital at the time in Massachusetts, Cranberry Hospital closed in 1992. The annex stayed open for a little while for the Hanson Food Pantry and the Plymouth County Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Over the years the hospital has had many arson fires in the main build and annex building. On March 28, 2017 the complex has been demolished.

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