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Westborough State Hospital

1884- 2010

Westborough, Massachusetts


Originally on the grounds of a state reform school for boys, Westborough State Hospital was established in 1884. Existing buildings on the property were converted and renovated to make way for the new State Hospital. After 2 years of construction Westborough State Hospital opened in December 1,1886 in Massachusetts. It was the first Homeopathic hospital for the insane in New England. A very well known African-American psychiatrist Solomon Carter Fuller spent most of his time in his career practicing at the hospital. He discovered new research on physical changes on the brain of alzheimer’s disease patients. The complex most distinctive buildings were the Admin Building, Talbot, and Colman Buildings. With the new Worcester State Hospital opening Westborough Closed its doors in June 2010. Most of the Westborough State Hospital buildings are currently being erased from history from demolition.


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